Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Event

 A future princess and prince
 A Close Up of Princess Emylee
 Princesses in the Making!
 Future Princes
 Practicing our Royal Waves!
Our Royal Class!
You didn't really think I would let the royal wedding pass us by without a celebration did you!? To celebrate the royal event we made jeweled crowns, sipped on tea (apple juice) and crumpets (sugar cookies)! We learned all about the royals, their new titles as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, what their duties will be and what we would do as a prince and princess. We had a lot of dressing up at kid time and I couldn't help but snap a few photos! Here's to all of us finding our own inner prince and princess!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Spring

Thursday was a fun-filled day with crafting our own Easter baskets, celebrating 2 birthdays and going on one massive easter egg hunt. Miss Mahoney and I spent our prep period hiding 63 eggs out on our school grounds! Why 63 to be exact? Well in the Rainforest room we have been talking a lot about sharing, playing fair, and treating each other with respect. So we thought if we were going to do an egg hunt, it would need to be fair and the students would need to share. 
So here were the rules: 
1. A student can only pick up an egg they find if it matches their first or last name. 
2. If they find an egg that doesn't belong to them, they are to gently put it back, so that the rightful owner can hunt for it. 
3. Each student was allowed to find one fun shaped egg to keep for themselves. 
Altogether, each student was responsible for finding 3 eggs and with a little teamwork we ended up finding ALL 63 eggs! It worked out beautifully, because everyone ended up with the same number of eggs and it took a little more time to hunt! When we got back into the classroom we enjoyed some tasty birthday treats from Autumn and we created a unique spring bunny to add to our scrapbook!  
We know we had a hoppy spring day and we hope you all did as well! 
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Friday, April 8, 2011

Oh the Things You Can Think!

Kindergarteners today are expected to achieve at a higher level today, than every before. We 60 minutes of whole group reading, 60 minutes of small group reading, 30 minutes of content, and 60 minutes of math! It can be exhausting can take part in an endless variety of activities. Then these students go home and they continue to work! From computer games to piano lessons, and from soccer practice to karate, there is no shortage of skills for kids to learn. However, children also need regular playtime that is not focused on structure, skill building or electronics. While those things are all good for children, too much can crowd out the kind of play that is essential for developing one of the most amazing gifts of childhood: imagination. 
Kid Time is a great time for students to use their imagination and socialize with friends. Here are some keys benefits to children using their imagination:
  • Imagination helps children solve problems. Helping them think through different outcomes to various situations and role playing ways to cope with difficult or new circumstances.
  • Imagination allows children to practice real-life skills. From shopping at a pretend grocery store, looking over a menu in the play house, to assigning roles and dialogue to dolls or puppets, children's pretend play helps them practice and apply new learning and better understand how those skills are used in the real world.
  • Imagination also encourages a rich vocabulary. Telling and hearing real or made-up stories, reading books and pretend play help children learn and retain new words.
  • Imagination helps children grow up to be adults who are creative thinkers. Adults who were imaginative children often become problem solvers, innovators and creative thinkers.
As you can see, imagination can often be as important as math, science or reading by helping to develop many important skills that boost a child's learning and success.
Kid Time: Future Teachers in Action!