Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sibley Park

This Friday we couldn't have had better weather or a better day to spend at Sibley Park! We started with the parachute. With the parachute we shook off Rainforest animals, we had it shifting one direction and then switched directions, we made a dome from the outside and then sat in the inside. After that we played two rounds of tug-of-war and then spent our last few minutes reviewing with the parachute! 
Then we headed over to the farm side and each student got one quarter to spend on animal food (thanks Lynn!) and as we walked through the park, they got to decide if they would feed the goats, the calves, the horses, or the sheep. We loved seeing all the fish and the turtle in the pond and petting all the animals. 
At last we headed over the hill to the park side where we got to finally enjoy our drinks, snacks and play in their park! Overall, the day was perfect and we seemed pretty exhausted by the time we made it back to Hoover! Hope they had a great day with many adventures to share!