Sunday, May 5, 2013

Creating the Robot Room

As you know, we have decided to convert our Rainforest Room into a Robot Room. This was going to be a quick summer project, but when the kids voted on it, they had all these different ideas and suggestions on how to help out! It was amazing hearing all their suggestions and ideas! So, I went with it! We decided that every Friday we are going to take something from the Rainforest Room and change it into something for a Robot/Space Room. First item up, was making planets. We did this first because we just so happened to be doing a paper mache unit in Art class anyways. 

First up, we blew up 8 round ballons and paper mached them during art class. 

 Next we invited some parents to come help us paint our planets! We were VERY lucky and had 6 parents that volunteered to help us out! Since we had so many, we decided to break into small groups and each group got their own planet. Mrs. Rehder and Mrs. Bush each took one group too, so it worked perfectly! First the groups needed to look up images of their planet to decide which color to paint their planet. 
After their planets were painted, the groups had to research their planet. They could use their books and iPads to find facts about their planets to present to the class. Kids used videos, images, and 3D images to research their facts. 
Then after was done painting, we had to get ready to present! 
They were so excited to show off their planets!

Everyone was ready to present each group came up and showed the class what they learned. It was so adorable seeing how much they learned and how proud they were of their planets! We cannot wait to hang them up and display them for next year's class! 

We even had some of the other kindergarten classes come look at the finished product! They were pretty impressed and so was I! Check out the slideshow to see how everyone worked together to learn facts about the planets!

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