Monday, April 6, 2015

Egg-Speriment Week!

To celebrate learning the letter Ee, we had an egg-speriment week! We had science books that had different experiments to do with eggs. On Monday we soaked hard boiled eggs in white and chocolate milk, soda, orange juice and water. We made predictions about what would happen to each egg after soaking in the liquid for 24 hours, then 48 hours. We imagined that the egg shell, was our tooth enamel.

How would our teeth be effected after sitting in these liquids for a long period of time?

Here were some of our Predictions 
The egg would grow. The egg would get brighter. The shell would get stronger.
Chocolate Milk:
The egg would have spots. The egg will turn brown.
The egg will crack. The egg will dissolve. The egg will stain.
Orange Juice:
The egg would grown a Easter Bunny. The egg would turn into an orange.
The egg would grow. The egg would float. The egg would be healthy to eat.

We also soaked one raw egg in vinegar for 48 hours (we actually did it for 3 full days, just to see it transform). Here were some of our predictions:
The egg would grow.
The egg would disappear.
The egg would smell bad.
The egg would be cleaned up.

Each day the students got to "brush" the eggs to see if they were stained or growing or changing. This was definitely their favorite part!

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