Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beetles, Birds, and Bugs...Oh My!

We have been learning about bugs, birds, fish, and various animals in science. So we decided to learn about which of these animals are in our community, even right outside our classroom door! So we ventured outside with our clipboards, pencils, and ranger hats and began exploring! After only 15 minutes of searching we found 1 neighbor's pet, 5 spiders, 6 beetles, 24 ants, and way too many birds to count! It was so fun watching them explore and discover new creatures around us! At first no one wanted to even get close to the first spider I discovered and by the end they were waiting in line to feel it crawl up their arm! Check out our future scientists!

 Finding an ant hill!
 Estelle letting the spider crawl up her arm!
 Bugs on the Loose!
 Pointing out all the Birds!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Eat a Cupcake, With Your Cupcake!

We all know how important mothers are in our lives. So the Rangers wanted to take a day to bring all their mothers in for a class luncheon. We spent a good portion of our morning preparing for our moms. We cleaned our classroom, we decorated our tables, and we practiced our performance. Yes, we even had a performance! 
As our moms came in, each of the Rangers faces lit up. And what a wonderful, and quite cozy, turnout we had! We had classical music playing while the moms and students ate, talked, and learned a little about what we do in the classroom. After we were done eating we passed out some flower pot cupcakes. Miss Mahoney and I spent our Mothers Day night cooking away, only to  discover some "wilted" pretzel stems in the morning. Luckily, Miss Mahoney was able to pick us up a new bag of pretzels, and those flowers perked right back up!
After our bellies we full, the Rangers snuck out of the room to get ready for their show. We performed one poem and handed out our forever boquets. 

 Dear Mom,
I will love you forever;
And forever you will be
The most wonderful mother,
You mean everything to me.

I thought of buying you flowers
In the usual way,
But I knew you would prefer
A FOREVER bouquet!

And then we sang three songs about our fabulous moms! We hope you enjoyed the show and please know that appreciate ALL that you do!

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