Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We Won!!!

We are a very excited class! About a month ago we entered a contest for HickoryTech. They wanted video submissions on how we use the internet today. It had to be 30-60 seconds and those were the only rules. So I pulled some kids aside to hear their thoughts on the internet and we came up with a video. 
Today, HickoryTech came to visit Hoover and let us know that our class video on the internet WON our school 5 handheld video cameras!! And Mrs. Rehder even got one to keep for herself! We were so excited that they enjoyed our video! Now that Hoover has all those extra video cameras we can make even more movies in the future! 
Here's to the internet and making Memories! Thanks HickoryTech!

Monday, February 20, 2012

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We have been talking about leaders, our country, and our flag. We have discussed the responsibilities, hard work, and dedication that it takes to be a true leader. On this President’s Day, for our work on writing, we had to write what we would do if we ever became president of the United States. Hope this Smilebox brightens your day and reminds you what a bright future we have! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Party - Kindergarten

What a great way to spend Valentine's Day! We had some wonderful parents help out with 5 different Valentine Stations! The entire day was filled with love, candy, valentines, and excitement! The last hour of the day we held our class Valentine Party.
We started our party by opening up our Valentine's and investigating to see all the yummy treats we had inside and handwritten Valentines inside.
We then set up the five interactive stations:
Station One was a Sweet Heart Graphing station. In math we are working on interpreting and creating bar graphs. Will's mom, DeeDra helped sort, explain and create graphs. They students loved working at this station and enjoyed some tasty juice while they worked away!
Station Two was an Ice Cream Station! Not just plain Ice Cream, but we created an Ice Cream Sundae station where each student got to create their own personalized sundaes, adding whichever toppings they enjoyed. There were a lot of messy, yet giggling faces at this station! Thank you to Grace's dad, Jerhod for making sure everyone was full and having fun!
Station Three was a Memory Match Station. The students had to stay focused during this game and try to match up words and pictures during this game. Marissa's mother, Lynn, was very helpful during this game and kept all the students smiling and tatted up! They loved finding a matching set and getting unique Valentine tattoos!
Station Four was a painted heart station! This station had Treyson's dad, Tim working hard painting hands, painting fingertips, washing hands, and helping with designs. They did a great job helping the kids create cute and creative heart hand prints!
Station Five was Heart Bingo Station. The students love playing Bingo! We frequently play it with our site words, letters, and beginning sounds. This is a great way to practice Capital Letters, Lowercase Letters, and Star Words at home! Mason's mom, Jessica helped call out letter sounds, letter names, and words that began with specific letters. They loved picking out of the prize box when they won and everyone even received a goody bag after completing this station!
Since I had so many parents I had the opportunity to video and take pictures for us! Hope you enjoy the video and hope there weren't too many terrible tummy aches when they got home!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Special Thanks to all those who donated items to make this party a success! And to those who were able to attend the Party and Lending a Helping Hand:
DeeDra Vosburg
Jessica DuRose
Lynn Schreiner
Jerhod Smithback
Tim Sevcik

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Day with Fancy Nancy!

Well she finally came! Fancy Nancy was here on Friday and it was quite the experience! There was lots of oohing and ahhing over her the whole day. We even had some second graders sneak down to our room to sneak a peak! They were all in wonder! Throughout the day Nancy read us a story, helped us with Valentine projects, checked our numbers and let us try on her clothes! Yes you heard right, we literally had a fashion show with all her (well the students) fancy things!
We got into groups and had to figure out what was fancy about our partner and what made them a great friend! They did an AWESOME job and I really didn't have to do much! They were so respectful and really seemed to love this activity! I hope you enjoy the videos and slideshow below! It was quite the experience!

A HUGE thank you goes out to Becky Gersich for coming in to take all of our pictures! They turned out perfect!

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Meet George!

This week Treyson was star of the Week. The item that he brought in to share was quite a surprise! He brought in his fire-bellied toad, George! The students were super excited, and I kind of was too! He was a great class pet for the week and we were sad to see him go! (I was NOT sad to see the crickets go though!) My camera doesn't do George justice. But here are a few snapshots of him in our classroom! 
Thanks for sharing Treyson!