Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beach Day

We worked very hard this week to earn our Beach Day celebration. Our goal was to fill up all sections of the beach ball and we did it by Thursday morning. Meaning that we earned our Beach Party Celebration for Friday!
When the students came in on Friday they got to pick a lei from our classroom palm tree. We started the day by playing math with a beach ball. First they had to add or subtract the numbers that their fingers landed on when the ball was passed to them. Then we played another round and whatever their fingers landed on they had to create a number with those two numbers. For example if they landed on a 2 or 4 they could make 24 or 42 and then say if the number was odd or even.
We also had two birthday celebrations (Mason and Ashlyn) and two birthday treats to enjoy at our tables and on our towels!
Throughout the day we also had a relay using beach clothes such as goggles, flip flops, hats, etc. It was 15 minutes of excitement, cheering and fun! In the end we decided it was a tie between the two teams.
Lastly we ended our day outside enjoying the sunshine! We read to self and to each other for a ten minutes and then had kid time outside!
Overall it was a very packed and fun filled day! We hope you enjoy the Smilebox!

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Well it is finally St. Patty's Day and it definitely brought us a day filled with luck and laughter! When we go back from Music today there was a note on the SMART Board saying:
Walk around the Dome twice
And I will bring you something nice
For all the kindness you brought to me
I will give you back your green!
So as a class we quietly walked around the dome twice. When we walked back in this is what we saw:
The Leprechaun Definitely Stopped By!
 The Green Table was Flipped!
The Carpet was Turned!
There were chairs upside down, the green table was TIPPED OVER, a bag filled with our green goodies, and a NEW note on the SMART Board! Before we fixed anything we sat at the carpet and read the note as a class. This is what it said!

I had a great time playing with your green toys and flipping your room around. To thank you I left some magic powder on in the "Leprechaun in Late Winter" book you are reading.  I only give this magical powder to kind kindergartners, so you should feel very honored.
Did you find it yet? What does it smell like to you? 
Well, in order to make it magical you have to follow a few rules.
1. Captains, grab the magical milk that I placed on your tables.
2. Mix all the magical milk cartons and the magical powder together.
3. As you stir, say these words:
Leprechauns, Leprechauns, Shamrocks Seen

The captains grabbed the milk and we started reading through the directions. We thought maybe the powder would mix with the milk to make the leprechaun appear, or maybe once we mixed it our classroom would magically be clean, or maybe we were supposed to put in on our skin to turn ourselves green!

When we opened the milk carton, we discovered that it was already green! The leprechaun even made magical milk!
We added all the milk to the powder and kept reciting the magic words. We realized, that it was looking more like a yogurt or pudding! Maybe he wanted us to eat it!! But why?!

We made predictions about what would happen if we tasted it. Maybe we would turn into Leprechauns, maybe we would be able to fly, maybe we would turn green! I decided to take the first small taste to make sure it was good. And it was delicious! 
 Will and Ashlyn Enjoying our Leprechaun Pudding!
 Miss H and Morgan
 Miss Bohnsach and Avery
 Trey and Grace 

Then we all sat down and enjoyed the magical mixture that our friend left for us. We talked as a class about why the leprechaun was so nice to our class. These are some of the ideas we came up with:
1. We found his hat and gave it back so he thought we were kind.
2. We let him borrow our green items. 
3. We are nice friends to have and maybe he wants to be our friend. 
4. We are respectful Rangers and leprechauns like polite people.

Overall we felt very lucky on this St. Patrick's Day and we wanted to share our luck with you! Hope your day was filled with as happiness, kindness, and craziness as ours!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Well...this morning we found the leprechaun hat! We had to work as a class to find it, but Grace and Vanesa found it behind our large reading books!

When we got back from music today we found out the writing center was missing its green tray and the green table was missing their "GREEN" table sign! Where the "GREEN" sign usually hung, this is what we found: 

Dear Class,
Thank you so much for helping me find my hat! To thank you for helping me out, I left a treat in your classroom!

Your Friend,
Lucky Leprechaun
We had to switch for math groups, but when we got back, we opened our gift. He left shamrock cookies for each of us! We felt very lucky and decided our kindness definitely paid off. Now if he would only bring back our green items!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mason discovered a new note on our Smart Board. This is what is said:

Dear Rangers,
I popped in to visit, but you were not here! I have a problem that I hope you can solve. While I was dancing around your room, I seemed to of lost my hat! I was really hoping that you could look around and find it for me. If you can find it, I will come back to get it! Oh, I also borrowed a few more green items. I hope you don’ t mind!
Your Friend,
Lucky Leprechaun is a leprechaun after all! We looked around the room but we couldn't find anything! We weren't sure if it was big or small or what we were looking for! Hopefully tomorrow we will find it so we can get our green items back!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We have a Visitor!

Today, we found a note on SMART Board and we are trying to figure out who it could possibly be from. This is what it said:

Dear Rangers, 
I LOVE green, 
And soon NONE will be seen!
Your Friend, 
We discovered that we are missing Petrie - our Huge Green Tree Frog, our green scissors, our green pillow, and two green morning bins. Now, some of us think that it may be a teacher borrowing these items, some think that it is Mr. Green, and some even think it may be an ACTUAL Leprechaun visiting our classroom!!We will keep you updated as our week progresses!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

This year for Dr. Seuss' Birthday we did five 30 minute stations. Each class got to go to each classroom. Each classroom had a different book with a different activity. The students had a lot of fun and our morning flew by! Enjoy the Smilebox to see what we did in each classroom!

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