Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Have a Cupcake, With your Cupcake!

We all know how important mothers are in our lives. So the Robots wanted to take a day to bring all their mothers in for a class luncheon! We spent a few days just preparing for our moms! That morning we cleaned our classroom, we decorated our tables with personalized place mats, and we practiced our performance. Yes, we even had a performance! 
As each mom, grandma or dad came in, each of the Robots faces lit up! And what a wonderful, warm, and quite cozy turnout we had! The moms and students ate their lunches, talked, and learned a little about what we do in the classroom. After our bellies we full from lunch, we passed out yummy glitter cupcakes! 
Then the Robots snuck out of the room to get ready for their show. We started by thanking our mothers for all they do and handed them a handmade bouquet of flowers. Each student thanked their special guest and told them why/how they were special. 

Overall we sang three songs about our fabulous moms and spent the rest of our time running and playing outside! We hope you enjoyed the show and please know that I appreciate ALL that you do!
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